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Sur – A’Sharqiyah

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With around 300km Distance in 4 hours drive from Muscat having 200 km beautiful coastal track.

Sur, a placid sea coast town with its striking traditional dwellings is a pleasant getaway and one of the most important towns in the Eastern region. The drive from Muscat via the interior cuts through wadis and passes through the Hajar Mountains. An alternate route down the coast through the village of Quriyat is adventurous and offers fabulous views of sparkling white beaches covered with multi coloured shells, deep ravines, cliffs that fall dangerously into azure seas, rocks sculpted by wind and waves and lush green wadis (river beds). The journey ends in the city famous for its dhow shipyards (and presumed home of the legendary Sinbad the Sailor). A trip through Sur’s labyrinth of streets reveals many fine old houses with carved doors and arabesque windows. From the corniche, the dhows in the harbour can be seen against the scenic backdrop of the Gulf of Oman.

The nature of this region blends three environments, each having its own distinctive flavour: the coastline, hugging the Arabian Sea and part of the Sea of Oman, tells the story of hard work done by hardy men. Their weapons are the boats they have built with their own strong hands. Their ammunition is their nets spun by their dexterous fingers while chanting melodious work songs. Under cover of night, they sail into the sea and wrangle with its high waves in a constant battle between the desire to earn their living and come home safely. At the break of dawn, these hard-working men return with their nets overflowing with fish, chanting the melodious refrain, “Thanks be To Allah” for His boon and a safe trip back home…. This is the first environment of South A’Sharqiyah Governorate, and the most prolific fishery of all the regions of Oman.

The second environment is the sand dunes mirroring the depth of an artistic painting, vibrant with the quiet nomadic life in a pastoral setting embracing the wealth of cattle, camels and horses that North and South A’Sharqiyah Governorate Ais renowned for. This Governorate’s special attribute is typified in Badiya, where horse and camel races take place, and where fans from the Sultanate and abroad come to watch.

The third environment is urban or agricultural and is the meeting point for both the nomadic and coastal environments.

On the way to Sur one can stop over the fishing village of Quriyat, which was a major port centuries ago. Wadi Shab is another of the must-see wadis of this region – one of several wadis with running water throughout the year. Beyond Sur about 40 kms away lie the beaches of R’as Al Hadd and R’as Al Junayz where every year about 30,000 turtles come to lay their eggs.


Sur, Ras Al Hadd & Ras al jinz, Wadi Bani Khalid, Wahiba Sand Dunes, Bedouin Camp, Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Shab.


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