Jebel Akhdar in Arabic signifies “The Green Mountains” and this district of the premier verdant outside of Salalah and in this manner the Batinah Coast. to go there requires a 4-wheel drive ( and a street license because of army bases inside the zone)

The atmosphere is moderate all year because the mean elevation is around 1800 meters.This for the most part limestone mountain is one among the absolute best focuses in Oman and eastern Arabia.

The zone is a couple 45-minute drive from Nizwa and is comprehended for its customary scent extraction and rural items including pomegranates, pecans, apricots, dark grapes, and peaches. it’s likewise the area of bumblebee rearing for a lot of Oman.


    1. For day trips, lunch is incorporated. 
    2. The bundle incorporates four-wheel drive (Land Cruiser or proportional) for a limit of 4 people with an English talking driver.
    3. Bundle cost does exclude room rates. 
    4. A multilingual guide and convenience were accessible for asking with the extra expense.
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