Good ways from Muscat: 190km. Normal drive time: 2hr

The incomparable Wahiba sands are longitudinal hills 200 km long and 100 km wide running south from the Eastern Hajars to the Arabian Sea. The hills are 100-150 meters high in update shading from orange to tints of golden

The north and west limits of the desert are portrayed by the fluvial frameworks Wadi Batha and Wadi Andam. Underneath the surface sands are a more established layer of solidified carbonate sand. Alluvium stores accepted to have started from the Wadi Batha during the Paleolithic period are revealed inside the focal desert 200 meters (660 ft) underneath the interdune surface


  1. For day trips, lunch is incorporated. 
  2. The bundle incorporates four-wheel drive (Land Cruiser or equal) for a limit of 4 people with an English talking driver. 
  3. A multilingual guide and settlement were accessible for the asking with the extra expense.
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