Jebel Akhdar in Arabic signifies “The Green Mountains” and this district of the premier verdant outside of Salalah and in this manner the Batinah Coast. to go there requires a 4-wheel drive ( and a street license because of army bases inside the zone)

The atmosphere is moderate all year because the mean elevation is around 1800 meters.This for the most part limestone mountain is one among the absolute best focuses in Oman and eastern Arabia.

The zone is a couple 45-minute drive from Nizwa and is comprehended for its customary scent extraction and rural items including pomegranates, pecans, apricots, dark grapes, and peaches. it’s likewise the area of bumblebee rearing for a lot of Oman.


Captivating vacationers from wherever the planet — Al Jabal Al Akhdar highlights an exceptional personality; and pulls in GCC sightseers likewise as worldwide explorers to climb, camp, star-look, or simply appreciate a stroll nearby its lovely towns. 

1) The fossil cascades
      • High in Al Jabal Al Akdhar, only west of Sayh Qatanah, is Oman’s Tufa “fossil cascades”. The water here is professed to have streamed since the past from the world only east of Al Ain town. White calcite is saved because of the water streams over existing limestone developments, making an attractive component. 


2) The eradication wonder unearthings

        Before landing into Sayh Qatanah inside the statures of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, an intersection to Ar Rus town will take you to a geographical marker for one among the world’s incredible mass eliminations. On the exhumed northern face of the world might be a slight faltering dull stratum. This speaks to one among the Permian-Triassic occasions of the maybe 251 million years prior where 50 percent of creature life on earth got wiped out. 

3) Wadi Bani Habib town
      • Investigating Wadi Bani Habib begins by occurring regular rough stairs, amid the amazing landscape of mountains and trees. After landing at the watercourse, the peach, almond, pomegranate, olive, and pecan trees invite one to a beautiful party. In the wake of accepting an open door under the shade of a tree, one can go up into the old surrendered region of dirt houses. A nostalgic inclination is sure to search out its way into the guts while meandering around this captivating spot. 

4) Al-Ain town
      • Al-Ain might be a beautiful little town constructed totally of dazzling huge horticultural stairs where you’ll discover natural products, vegetables, and roses. The town is comprehended for its water springs, which is representative of the name of the spot, as Al Ain signifies ‘the spring’ in Arabic. One can include an invigorating swim inside the warm waters of the town or go for a walk around it while visiting the town’s mosques. 

5) Riyadh Al Jabal Farm
      • Riyadh Al Jabal Farm might be a mind-blowing place in Al Jabal Al Akdhar where a wide range of uncommon and scrumptious natural products, vegetables and trees develop. The ranch has dazzled travelers and guests with its excellent yields, and in this manner, the acclaimed His Majesty Sultan Qaboos rose is developed at the Riyadh Al Jabal Farm. 

6) The caverns
      • Jabal Al Akhdar is home to numerous regular surrenders that merit investigating, yet with alert and care. it’s fitting that when visiting the Jabal Al Akhdar one should employ a manual to comprehend the history and concealed regular fortunes of the spot. Two well-known caverns — Al Sahil and Al Biban are regularly found in Akhdar’s Al Manakher town. 


        Be that as it may, there are numerous different caverns like the dark cavern sitting above Wadi Halfeen, Al Dhabaa die down Wadi Seeq, Al-Amir dies down Al Sojrah, and Al Mawel dies down Shnoot that are similarly mainstream among occupants and guests the same. 



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