Distance from Muscat – 230 km with a mean drive time of two hours.

Sohar, an oceanside city,Sohar belongs to the fertile Batinah coast region and is arguably the foremost verdant city in Oman and therefore the drive to Sohar from Muscat along the coastal highway passes through thick plantations of dates, mangoes, limes, bananas, vegetables, and fodder crops.

Wadi Heebi, lying 63 km far away from the town may be a good destination for picnickers.

From the Batinah Coast toward the west of Muscat along the base of the jebels are a few key towns of intrigue. Along the coast is that the town of Barka with a powerful fort and Bait Al Naman Castle, an early home for the Al Bu Said dynasty (the current ruling family).


Nakhal Fort, Rustaq Fort, Souq Rustaq, Sohar Corniche, Al Sawadi Beach, Wadi Hoquein, Wakan Village, Wadi Al Ayn Tombs, and Ayn Al Hammam Hot Springs.


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