Distance from Muscat – 1010 km. Normal drive time – 12 hours by street, 1½ hour by flight.

Settled inside the southern district of Oman, Salalah has the benefits of the yearly Indian storm: privately alluded to as the Khareef.

This storm, which stretches out from early June to mid-September, changes the wide open into an authentic nursery with tumbling cascades and wandering streams.

 In July and August, the govt plays have for the yearly Khareef Festival,For most of the year, the unspoiled beaches of Salalah are ideal for skin diving, canoeing, sailing, jet-skiing, and diving.

Not exactly 30 minutes drive from Salalah is Ain Razat, a cookout spot with springs, slopes, gardens, and streams.



Salalah, Taqah, Mirbat, Sadah, Shalim and Halaniyat Islands, Dalkoot, Rakhyut, Thamrin, Mokshin and Al Mazuna.



  1. For day trips, lunch is included.
  2. Package includes four-wheel drive (Land Cruiser or equivalent) for a maximum of 4 persons with an English speaking driver.
  3. Package cost doesn’t include room rates.
  4. A multilingual guide and accommodation were available for the asking with additional cost.
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